Energy Monitoring Systems

With rising energy costs pushing strata budgets to the brink, more and more Strata Corporations are looking for ways to save money and control costs. Our goal is to assist you in reducing your natural gas bill by as much as 30% and we have GUARANTEED solutions to help you achieve this. Lower gas costs, mean lower strata fees.

Natural Gas Energy Monitors

By using a natural gas metering system you can quantify exactly how much gas you use. When you know what your usage patterns are for natural gas, you can target ways to save. The system essentially operates like a clock, counting how much time you use. The run time device is installed under each fireplace or any gas appliance. Your usage is recorded and sent by a wireless mesh network to a central data storage centre. Sure Fire Gas Services uses ZigBee™ radios to communicate monitored data using an open published communications protocol. Any product that uses ZigBee™ protocol to communicate can send its data over any ZigBee™ network.

By simply using wireless technology, a typical strata with 60 gas fireplaces could save over $250,000 in 10 years, including the cost of the installed system and maintenance.

Why Use Energy Monitors?

It's simple: if you don't use energy monitors, you are losing money!