Gas Fireplace Maintenance & Repairs

We have an extensive service background and work on all makes and models of gas fireplaces. We offer friendly, knowledgeable service and treat your fireplace as if it were our own.

Fireplace Service Checklist

Gas Fireplace Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fully inspect firebox for signs of corrosion, cracking and integrity
  • Inspect burner for cracks and proper gas/ air mixture
  • Check manifold gas pressure
  • Clean pilot assembly
  • Clean main burner assembly
  • Vacuum out firebox and clean glass
  • Inspect door seal
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Check millivolts
  • Clean and adjust fan and controls
  • Leak test all gas fittings
  • Reconstruct ember bed
  • Inspect log positioning
  • Inspect 100% safety shut-off mechanism
  • Inspect flame and burn characteristics
  • Inspect flame control, thermostat/ switch circuit
  • Conduct Carbon Monoxide test
  • Conduct operational test once service complete

For your Peace of Mind... contact us today to schedule your fireplace maintenance safety inspection.

Gas Fireplace Installation and Upgrades

As well as installing new fireplaces, we offer upgrades such as new burners, fan kits, log kits, decorative brick kits, thermostats and remote controls.

Other Services:
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