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Praise from our satisfied customers:

"Sure Fire Gas Services have been servicing the 200 fireplaces at The West Royal in West Vancouver since 1992. The service is to be commended and their knowledge of the complex is extremely valuable to us. Everyone from the office staff to those on site servicing is experienced and helpful. A company of this calibre is rare find I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their service."

Maryann Norbury, The West Royal Building Manager

"I would like to pass on to you my glowing praise for Kim Schmidt of Sure Fire Gas Services for his installation of my new gas fireplace. He evidently encountered some unforeseen problem, and worked diligently, methodically, and painstakingly for many hours to complete the job, after which he thoroughly cleaned up, vacuuming the entire working area. He maintained the highest standards of professionalism throughout. I am delighted with the fireplace itself. Kim explained the operation of the thermostat and maintenance of the fireplace; it all seems pretty straightforward."

Donna Hossack

Gas Fireplace Maintenance & Repairs

"I am very happy that you have been looking after my fireplaces for the last 11 years. But I am so thankful for your attention the other day when you helped me over the phone. You knew I was intimidated and scared but in your patient and kind way, you helped walk me through what I needed to do to get my fireplace lit after it blew out in the wind storm. Now I am nice and warm and sitting back enjoying my fireplace, (which looks really good, by the way) also warmed by the fact that there are still nice guys out there that are not about taking advantage of us. Thank you, Kim, for the excellent service."

Mrs. N. Shore, Mission, BC

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