Water Metering Systems

Historically, property managers absorbed the cost of water because there was no efficient way of tracking and charging residents for their actual water consumption. Most property owners include the price of water within a residents' monthly rent, but this practice discourages residents from saving water, costing owners money and wasting a precious natural resource.

The systems we use are wireless, utilizing cutting edge technology, measuring precisely flow and domestic hot water energy at each entry point into a unit. Meters may be installed at the hot water heater or at each hot and cold water feed. They also utilize 'continuous low flow' alarms that are used to identify leaks. The microprocessor in every meter is constantly looking for this condition, which is reported along with consumption data.

Residents who are most concerned over their expenses can use this data to maximize savings. We will install the system, read the meters and provide you with the data so that costs may be divided up fairly and accurately.

Why Use Water Meters?

It's simple: if you don't use water meters, you are losing money!