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At Sure Fire Gas Services, we treat each client as though they were a member of our family - which is why many of our clients have been allowing us into their homes for two decades. Owner Kim Schmidt has been serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley since 1992. Our clients are strata corporations, realty companies, property management companies, manufacturers and home owners.

Peace of Mind... Specializing in safety inspections, maintenance and repairs to all makes and models of natural gas fireplaces, we are licensed, bonded and insured. As your trusted gas fireplace contractor, we look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.
Safety Inspections
ALL Gas fireplace manufacturers recommend ANNUAL inspections and cleaning to ensure safe operating of your gas fireplace.

Buying a home with a gas fireplace? Contact us to have it inspected.
Servicing and Sales
In addition to servicing Fireplaces we also sell and stock many different Fireplace models.

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Save Money
Book your annual safety inspections during off-peak months.

Stratas save on our group rates.
We value Your security
Your strata will always have advance knowledge of our visit.

Our staff will be in uniform and have identification.

What our customers say about us

We take great pride in ensuring the type of service that leads to these quality reviews!
  • I am delighted with the fireplace itself.
    "I would like to pass on to you my glowing praise for Kim Schmidt of Sure Fire Gas Services for his installation of my new gas fireplace. He evidently encountered some unforeseen problem, and worked diligently, methodically, and painstakingly for many hours to complete the job, after which he thoroughly cleaned up, vacuuming the entire working area. He maintained the highest standards of professionalism throughout. I am delighted with the fireplace itself. Kim explained the operation of the thermostat and maintenance of the fireplace; it all seems pretty straightforward."
    Donna Hossack
  • A company of this calibre is rare
    "Sure Fire Gas Services have been servicing the 200 fireplaces at The West Royal in West Vancouver since 1992. The service is to be commended and their knowledge of the complex is extremely valuable to us. Everyone from the office staff to those on site servicing is experienced and helpful. A company of this calibre is rare find I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their service."
    Maryann Norbury
    The West Royal Building Manager
  • you helped walk me through what I needed to do.
    "I am very happy that you have been looking after my fireplaces for the last 11 years. But I am so thankful for your attention the other day when you helped me over the phone. You knew I was intimidated and scared but in your patient and kind way, you helped walk me through what I needed to do to get my fireplace lit after it blew out in the wind storm. Now I am nice and warm and sitting back enjoying my fireplace, (which looks really good, by the way) also warmed by the fact that there are still nice guys out there that are not about taking advantage of us. Thank you, Kim, for the excellent service."
    Mrs. N. Shore
    Mission, BC

What We Do

We have an extensive service background and work on all makes and models of gas fireplaces. We offer friendly, knowledgeable service and treat your fireplace as if it were our own.

Not only do we service Gas Fireplaces, we also supply and install them.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance & Repairs

Fully inspect firebox for signs of corrosion, cracking and integrity
Inspect burner for cracks and proper gas/ air mixture
Check manifold gas pressure
Clean pilot assembly
Clean main burner assembly
Vacuum out firebox and clean glass
Inspect door seal
Inspect electrical connections
Check millivolts
Clean and adjust fan and controls
Leak test all gas fittings
Reconstruct ember bed
Inspect log positioning
Inspect 100% safety shut-off mechanism
Inspect flame and burn characteristics
Inspect flame control, thermostat/ switch circuit
Conduct Carbon Monoxide test
Conduct operational test once service complete
As well as installing new fireplaces, we offer upgrades such as new burners, fan kits, log kits, decorative brick kits, thermostats and remote controls.


Did you know...

Every Gas Fireplace Manufacturer recommends an ANNUAL cleaning and inspection?

The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) and Natural Resources Canada, insurance companies and fire departments all recommend that fireplaces have regular servicing. We offer safety inspections, maintenance and repairs to all makes and models of natural gas fireplaces and we've been servicing the greater Vancouver area since 1992.

When looking for gas fireplace service, you want a company you can trust. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our staff is in uniform and has identification.

Booking your Annual Safety Inspections during off-peak months can save you money?

We offer competitive group rates for stratas and property managers. For our best rates book during spring and summer months.

Energy Monitoring Systems

With rising energy costs pushing strata budgets to the brink, more and more Strata Corporations are looking for ways to save money and control costs. Our goal is to assist you in reducing your natural gas bill by as much as 30% and we have guaranteed solutions to help you achieve this. Lower gas costs, mean lower strata fees.


By using a natural gas metering system you can quantify exactly how much gas you use. When you know what your usage patterns are for natural gas, you can target ways to save. The system essentially operates like a clock, counting how much time you use. The run time device is installed under each fireplace or any gas appliance. Your usage is recorded and sent by a wireless mesh network to a central data storage centre. Sure Fire Gas Services uses ZigBee™ radios to communicate monitored data using an open published communications protocol. Any product that uses ZigBee™ protocol to communicate can send its data over any ZigBee™ network.

By simply using wireless technology, a typical strata with 60 gas fireplaces could save over $250,000 in 10 years, including the cost of the installed system and maintenance.


It's simple: if you don't use energy monitors, you are losing money!

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We are concerned with your safety and security. Please ensure when someone wants to enter your premise that the company has a legitimate appointment. Your strata will always have advanced notice of our visit and our staff will be in uniform and have identification.