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Why Valor?

Valor is meticulously crafted to combat the bone-chilling winters that characterize the West Coast. Its distinctive design not only ensures unparalleled SILENT warmth but also provides an energy-efficient and visually stunning centerpiece for your home. And here's the cherry on top – complete control is at your fingertips with the included remote.

Environmentally Conscious

NIBE is a global organization that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and better utilization of energy. Regency is a proud member who focus' on creating stoves and fireplaces that are good for your home and the environment.

World Class Warranty

All our stoves and fireplaces are backed by an industry-leading warranty, ensuring your family's safety and comfort are prioritized and well-protected.

Radiant Heat, Is It For you?

If you have a high ceiling, cold feet or a drafty home - you MUST experience radiant heat. Because of Valors unique design it warms the home - not just the air in the home.

The added bonus to this is no noisy fan!!! Now if your home isn't drafty a Valor may still be for you - imagine this- Valors Radiant Heat feels like your grandparents wood stove without any of the mess or work.


From indoor to outdoor from Wood conversions to new construction we have a valor that will work in almost every situation!

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

Having a thermostat that is remote operated allows you to not only set the temperature but decide where that temperature will be!

You want to be 20 degrees sit it next to you. Whether you are right next to the fireplace or across the room, the thermostat follows you and the flame can adjust to keep you comfortable!

Featured Work


You gotta see these Valor Before And Afters

The Hardwells

Fireplace Replacement

Mission BC

The Hardwells

Wood Stove

Langley BC

The Hardwells

New Valor Fireplace

New Valor Fireplace


The Hardwells

New Regency Fireplaces


Strata XYZ

Annual Servicing of All units


The Hardwells

New Fireplace

Langley BC

Statment From The Owner

Why did we choose Valor? Or did it choose us?

"Having been in the industry for years before starting Sure Fire Fireplaces, I knew how incredible Valors were. It is a rare brand that only the best dealers get access to. When I saw the opportunity to partner with them I knew that it was going to be the best move for me and my clients. Since then we have installed thousands of valors in homes across the lower mainland and its because once you experience the heat of a valor fireplace - you cant go back. Come to our showroom and see for yourself!"

Kim Schmidt / Owner

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