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Why Wood?

Embrace a new level of comfort and warmth with a modern wood stove, designed to bring coziness to your home. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these stoves offer enhanced efficiency, ensuring a more comforting and cost-effective heating experience. Say goodbye to chilly evenings as you indulge in the soothing warmth of a contemporary wood stove, blending style with the heartwarming essence of a crackling fire.

WETT Inspections

Whether you're seeking an insurance inspection or navigating a home sale or purchase, a mandatory requirement is ensuring the safety and compliance of your existing wood stove. Rest assured, our team of WETT Certified technicians is dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of your stove and completing all necessary paperwork. For added peace of mind, this service is seamlessly included with all our new installations at no extra charge.

New Efficient Technology

Indulge in our selection of stoves, each equipped with energy-efficient upgrades such as catalytic converters, extending the burn time for each load of wood. Picture the luxury of retiring to bed with a comforting fire and waking up to lingering embers.

The Stove For Everyone

From serious 24/7 wood burners looking for long overnight burns to the casual wood burner looking for supplemental heat - we have it all!

EPA Certified Wood Inserts

With Regency wood fireplace inserts you utilize more of the available heat, burn less wood, and enjoy the warmth and beauty of a real wood burning fire. With a full line of EPA certified wood inserts that adhere to the strictest clean air and emissions standards


Experience enduring reassurance with our comprehensive warranties tailored to provide lasting comfort for you and your family. Our dynamic warranty offerings are designed to stand the test of time, safeguarding your comfort and security for years to come.

Featured Work


You have to see these Before and Afters of the Wood Stoves we've Installed!

The Hardwells

Fireplace Replacement

Mission BC

The Hardwells

Wood Stove

Langley BC

The Hardwells

New Valor Fireplace


The Hardwells

New Regency Fireplaces


Strata XYZ

Annual Servicing of All units


The Hardwells

New Fireplace

Langley BC

Statment From The Owner

Theres just nothing like that warm crackle from a wood burning stove

"People deserve the right to choose their fuel source, their style and how they want to enjoy their home. Many of us have fond memories of wood burning stoves at our grandparents house. Many of us have great sources of wood and its an efficient option for our homes, and some of us just love the unique heat that comes only from a wood stove. Truly at Sure Fire Fireplaces we want to make sure youre happy and you get the best, thats what we do!"

Kim Schmidt / Owner

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