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Agassiz, nestled between lush farmlands and the stunning Fraser River, harmonizes its agricultural heritage with community vitality. This area, rich in natural beauty and steeped in history, thrives on its connection to the land, offering a blend of cultural events and outdoor activities. Agassiz is dedicated to maintaining its community spirit and rural charm, making it a welcoming destination in British Columbia for both residents and visitors eager to explore its scenic landscapes and agricultural roots.

Agricultural Economics

Agassiz's economy, deeply rooted in agriculture, showcases its commitment to the community and sustainable living. This area leverages its fertile lands for farming, supported by small businesses that reflect its rural essence and environmental consciousness. The focus on local produce and community-centric events underscores Agassiz's dedication to nurturing a healthy, engaged community, highlighting its distinctive role in the Fraser Valley for promoting a lifestyle that values the land and its people.

Celebrating Locally

Agassiz's community spirit is celebrated through its engaging local events, like the Fall Fair and Corn Festival, and commitment to sustainable agriculture. This sense of unity and dedication to green living is a cornerstone of Agassiz's identity, reflecting its agricultural roots and the close-knit nature of its residents. The community's enthusiasm for local produce and outdoor activities highlights Agassiz's vibrant and eco-aware lifestyle, embodying the essence of rural harmony and environmental care.

Enjoy Agassiz

Agassiz invites those passionate about community and nature, offering beautiful landscapes and a welcoming atmosphere. Proud of its agricultural heritage and progressiveness, it integrates natural beauty into community life, fostering strong bonds and a commitment to the environment, embodying a place where history and sustainability meet daily living.

Why Sure Fire for Agassiz?

Sure Fire Gas Fireplaces is truly inspired by Agassiz's enchanting landscapes and the warm heart of its community. Moved by the area's natural beauty and agricultural spirit, we are driven to offer warmth and comfort through our services. Our goal is to build lasting connections, enriching Agassiz's appeal. Choosing us means becoming part of a family that values excellence, trust, and the distinctive qualities that make Agassiz remarkable.

Featured Work


Here are some of our buildings we do annual servicing for!

The Hardwells

Fireplace Replacement

Mission BC

The Hardwells

Wood Stove

Langley BC

The Hardwells

New Valor Fireplace


The Hardwells

New Regency Fireplaces


Strata XYZ

Annual Servicing of All units


The Hardwells

New Fireplace

Langley BC

Statment From The Owner

Proud to serve Agassiz

"I'm beyond grateful to serve the Agassiz community. Our goal transcends merely heating homes; it's about fostering unity and contributing to our cherished area. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your narrative. Together, we're not just delivering warmth; we're strengthening the fabric of our exceptional community."

Kim Schmidt / Owner

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