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Why Service Your Equipment?

Imagine this: when it gets cold, water expands, and when it warms up, it contracts. This happens a lot, especially during our chilly West Coast winters. The same goes for gas lines, valves, and fireplace parts. They go from hot to cold repeatedly, and this can make them move, wear out, or shift. To keep things safe and working well, we check, adjust, and clean every part of your fireplace each year.

Pilot Pause Program

For those with fireplaces that keep the pilot light burning year-round, not only is it an unnecessary waste of gas, but it also poses a potential hazard for you and your family. Our tailored program is designed with you in mind! Let us take care of things – we'll come in spring to safely turn it off and reignite it before fall, ensuring your fireplace is both secure and ready to go when the time comes.

Stratas and Communities

We have special programs that are for buildings of over 15 units or more at the same address. Contact us to discuss a customized plan based on your equipment and residents needs.


Whether we uncover issues during routine service or you reach out to us when things aren't running smoothly, rest assured, we're here to swiftly repair your fireplace. Our goal is to have you up and running in no time, ensuring your comfort and warmth are seamlessly restored.


Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. If repairing your equipment isn't the most effective, cost-efficient, or safe solution, we'll be upfront and advise replacement. As a bonus, our annual service customers enjoy exclusive deals on replacements.


Whether you're purchasing a new home, seeking a WETT certificate for insurance, or caring for a loved one, we're delighted to conduct a comprehensive inspection and provide a detailed report on your fireplace. Our commitment is to keep you informed, offering updates on any components that may require replacement or repair, along with valuable insights on the safety and efficiency of your equipment.

Featured Work


Here are some of our buildings we do annual servicing for!

The Hardwells

Fireplace Replacement

Mission BC

The Hardwells

Wood Stove

Langley BC

The Hardwells

New Valor Fireplace


The Hardwells

New Regency Fireplaces


Strata XYZ

Annual Servicing of All units


The Hardwells

New Fireplace

Langley BC

Statment From The Owner

This whole company started because people needed good service

When I was working at a fireplace manufacturer 30 years ago, my clients werent able to find good service techncians here in the lower mainland. I still remember to this day that lady who called me looking for help. After hours I went and help service her fireplace and then dozens of her neighbors called. Eventually I was so busy helping these amazing local residents I couldnt stay at my job anymore and Sure Fire Fireplaces was born. This company was started for you, and its still here because of you. Were grateful you let us into your homes each year and look forward to many more to come!

Kim Schmidt / Owner

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